Christmas 2021 Handcrafted Lollipop

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Celebrate the holidays in style with our handcrafted lollipops! 

Our lollipops are made with isomalt, a derivative from beets sugar. Which means they are low in sugar, calories and vegan! 


Blue Xmas tree : Blueberry 

Pink Xmas tree: Peach

White Xmas tree: Cheese Cake Icing

Purple Xmas tree : Whiskey (with alcohol)

Red Xmas Tree: Cinnamon Roll 

Green Xmas Tree: Eggnog

Teddy Bear (Head) : Caramel 

Large Teddy Bear : TBC

Medium Teddy Bear: Buttered Popcorn 

Glittery Flower : Brandy 

Red & White Flower: Irish Cream 

Large Gingerbread Man: Chocolate

Mini Gingerbread Man : Cinnamon Roll

Small Round Xmas lollipop (set of 4 @ random style) : Cotton Candy 

Small Round Golden Deer Lollipops: Cream Cheese Icing