Handmade Lollipop

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Celebrate in style with our Handmade Lollipops! 

Made with Isomalt, a sugar substitute derived from Beet. Our lollipops are half as sweet as regular sugar, low in calories, carbs, and 100% vegan! 

Flavors are random unless specified

Flavor Available: Strawberry Kiwi, Cotton Candy, Green Apple, Raspberry, Cheese Cake, English Toffee, Taffy, Sparkling Wine, Brandy, Irish Cream 

Mr Monster $40

Mr Monster Head $40

Lipstick @ $40 each 

Little Jacket @ $40 each 

Rainbow Flower @$50 each 

Sakura Flower 3.5cm@$ 40each 

Sakura Large Round Lollipop 5cm @$40 each

Sakura Medium Round Lollipop @ $30 each 

Camillia Lollipop @$38 each 

Pink Swan Heart Lollipop- Strawberry @ $40 each 

Blue Swan Heart Lollipop @ $40 each

Baby onesies -Pink @$30 each

Baby onesies - Blue @$30 each