Spring 2021 Cocktail Lollipop

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Spring is in full bloom! Celebrate in style with our Limited Edition Cocktail Lollipops! 

Made with Isomalt, a sugar substitute derived from Beet. Our lollipops are half as sweet as regular sugar, low in calories, carbs, and 100% vegan! 

Available In Cocktail and Mocktail (no alcohol)

Sakura Large Round Lollipop @$40 each

Sakura Medium Round Lollipop @ $30 each 

Camillia Lollipop (Pina Colada) @$38 each 

Large Graduation Hat - Irish Cream @ $40 each

Pink Swan Heart Lollipop- Strawberry @ $40 each 

Blue Swan Heart Lollipop ( Gin Lavender) @ $40 each

Large Rose Lollipop - Pink (Strawberry) @$40 each

Mini Rabbit Lollipop (Pina Colada) @ $12 each 

Round Happy Father’s Day Lollipop - Tie (Butter Run) @$20 each 

Round Happy Father’s Day Lollipop - Moustache (Butter Rum) @ $20 each  

 Round Class of 2021 Lollipop - mask (Butter Rum) @ $20 each 

Round Class of 2021 lollipop - congratulation (Butter Rum) @ $20 each