Pina Colada Rose Lollipop

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Are you looking for something unique for the important woman in your life? It doesn’t matter if she is your daughter, mother, girlfriend or wife, these edible Rose lollipops make an excellent gift for them. Our Lollipop Rose are only available in limited quantity and time. Hurry before they are gone.

These Limited Edition beautifully hand pulled Lollipops Rose are made using our favorite Pina Colada Cocktail and Mocktail recipes. These lollipop is packaged in a pink sleeve that is perfect for gifting. Available in pink or gold. 


Cocktail Version: Isomalt, Rum, Coconut water, Natural Flavoring, Organic Food Coloring

Mocktail Version: Isomalt, Coconut water, Natural Flavoring, Organic Food Coloring


Please Note: Each lollipop is hand pulled and made individually, hence lollipop shape and color can varies. There might be natural blemishes and variations that are not product flaws