Valentine’s Day Lollipop Set

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Valentine’s Day Is just around the corner and we got you covered! Each set of lollipop will be presented in a small red box.

Our Lollipops are made with Isomalt, a sugar derivative from beets sugar. Our lollipops are low sugar, low calories and vegan. 

Heart Set ( 3 pieces of Heart Lollipop) ~ Flavor: Raspberry 

Lip Set ( 3 pieces of Lip Lollipop) - Flavor: Strawberry Kiwi

Kiss Set ( 1 Lip, 1 Heart, 1 “Love hand” lollipop) -Flavor:  Random

Rose Set ( 1 Lip, 1 Heart, 1 Rose Lollipop) - Flavor: Random 

LOVE Set ( 3 letter lollipop “L, V, E”, 1 Heart Lollipop) - Flavor: Random 

XOXO Set (  2 “X” Lollipops, 2 Heart lollipops) - Flavor : Random 

Lollipop bouquet ( 8 lollipops) $268

Please Note: Each lollipop is hand made and made individually, hence lollipop shape and color can varies. There might be natural blemishes and variations that are not product flaws