About Us

Yass Cookies, a mother and daughter duo that believe “nothing is impossible, everything is possible.” Through, their share passion for food and drinks they have decided to embrace a new journey giving up comfort, similarity and stability.

They wanted to create something new, something that is tasty and unique as they believed through food, long lasting friendships can be fostered. They wanted their food to be an outlet for their friends for joy, relaxation and a chance to embark on a new sensory journey. Their love and passion for food turned their home kitchen into an experiment lab, their friends turned into guinea pigs. With an uncountable number of failures, the perfect recipes for cocktail and liqueur cookies are finally created. 

Yass Cookies is the first company in Hong Kong to make cocktail and liqueur cookies, their cookies are handcrafted in Hong Kong using the best ingredients. No doubt, their cookies are indeed uncommonly made uncommonly good.

Being innovative is one of Yass Cookies’s biggest strength. Why stop when everyday, everyone and everything evolve. Through, continuous experiment and testing, YC introduced Cocktail Popcorn and Cocktail Lollipop. 

YC is proud to announce now cocktails are not just drinkable but edible with various variety from cookies to lollipop! 

Want to know what does edible cocktail taste like? Click now and explore .