Christmas 2022 Handmade Lollipop

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Christmas is just around the corner and we have curated a series of limited edition handmade lollipop for you!

Our handmade lollipops are made with Isomalt, a derivative from beets sugar that is low in sugar, calories, vegan and teeth friendly.

Small round Lollipops set of 4 @$90 - Strawberry Kiwi (Pink) & Marshmallow (Blue)

Medium Christmas Tree @$35 each - Melon (White)  & Peach (Green)

Large Christmas Tree @ $40 each - Marshmallows (White or Blue), Strawberry Kiwi (Green or Pink), Melon (Yellow or Orange ), Green Apple (Purple)

Large Gingerbread Man @$40 each - Chocolate flavor

Christmas Sock @$35 each - Raspberry  

Christmas Wreath @$35 each - Strawberry 

Mr Bear @ $35 each -Strawberry 

Christmas Bell @ $35 each - Peach 

 Delivery starts Dec 1!

Please Note: Each lollipop is handcrafted and made individually, hence lollipop shape and color can varies. There might be natural blemishes and variations that are not product flaws.