CNY Edition Cocktail Lollipop

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Let’s celebrate with our festive CNY edition Cocktail Lollipops

To cater to our younger customers, our lollipops are also available in a mocktail version (zero alcohol). 

Medium 偪 (Green): Mojito Lime

Medium 偪 (Red): Strawberry Champagne

Medium Size cow 🐮: Irish Cream 

Medium size gold fish: MOjito Lime 

Large size gold fish (Red) : Mojito Lime

Large size gold fish (Gold ): Cosmopolitan 

Extra Large 福:   Cosmopolitan 

*Isomalt is a sugar substitute made from beets. They have very little impact on blood sugar level and does not promote tooth decay. 

Please Note: Each lollipop is hand made and made individually, hence lollipop shape and color can varies. There might be natural blemishes and variations that are not product flaws