CNY Edition Handcrafted Lollipop

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Let’s celebrate with our  CNY 2022 edition lollipops!

Our lollipops are handcrafted with Isomalt, a derivative from beet sugar. Isomalt is low in sugar, low in carbohydrates and vegan! They also have  very little impact on blood sugar level and does not promote tooth decay. 

*Delivery: January 17, 2022 onwards *

Flavors Available 

Medium 福(Green): Green Apple 

Medium 福(Red): Strawberry Kiwi

Medium 福 (Purple) : Cotton Candy 

Extra Large 偪: Sprinkling Wine (Mocktail)

Extra Large Gold fish (Fan tail) : Cotton Candy

Extra Large Gold Fish (Big eyes): Marshmallow 

Large Koi fish:  Strawberry Kiwi

Medium Koi fish: English Toffee

Medium gold fish: Cheesecake 

Medium Mr Bear (red with gold ears) : Peach 

Medium Mr Bear ( yellow with red ears): Butterscotch 

Mini gold fish set of 6 pieces:  random flavors and colors  

Large Round (5cm) Lucky Cat Set of 3 pieces:  Green Apple 

Small Round (3.5cm) Lucky Cat Set of 2 pieces : Marshmallow 

Please Note: Each lollipop is hand made and made individually, hence lollipop shape and color can varies. There might be natural blemishes and variations that are not product flaws